About Daniel Meyerson

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The appreciation of quintessential things – especially fine art and antiques –  is in my blood. I’ve been surrounded by quality art and antiques, not necessarily expensive but very decorative with intrinsic value, for most of my life. Both my parents were interested in paintings, sculpture and home furnishings. My mother, in particular, attended many auctions and estate sales in the greater New York area as I was growing up – generally taking me along. We also explored scores of the region’s best antique shops. During the 1970s my parents and I previewed the Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge Estate Sale – one of the most famous sales of the century – at her estate in New Jersey. One room in particular was filled with animalier bronzes – some life-size. There were hundreds of them. Wandering through the estate and among these wonderful objects seeded my life-long interest in fine art and sculpture.

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These first-hand learning experiences inspired me to begin trading in art and antiques at an early age. I began to sort through the clutter in shops my parents were visiting to find and then buy and/or sell objects that caught my eye. Moving forward, I took multiple art classes as part of my studies in college, eventually earning a B.A. in Economics from NYU with an Art History minor. During my time at NYU, I also spent hours exploring New York’s array of museums, historic homes and library collections. It was at this time that I also started following estate sales, auctions and flea markets, plus visiting art galleries and antique shops, on my own. By the time I graduated, it was no surprise to me that my life and educational experiences should lead me into a career as a dealer of fine art, antiques and decorative arts.

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Though I have educational background for the business, I am essentially a self-taught dealer of fine art, decorative arts and antiques spanning over 35-years. I am a generalist with a solid base of knowledge in 19th and 20th century plus contemporary works that range from paintings and sculpture to decorative arts and furniture, select collectibles and memorabilia categories to lighting and art deco jewelry. My forte is fine art.

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The thought that I’ve discovered and brought items back to life or center stage, whether through restoration or just spotlighting them in the proper marketplace, is very satisfying. The objects I deal with are quintessential things that have been in families for generations, were lost over time, or are treasures that others have not recognized. My motivation is to move such finds into the hands of new families and appreciative collector owners. I truly believe certain items should never be discarded or destroyed.


My focus with Quintessential Things and Antique Canvas is to bring consumers from all levels of collecting fairly priced 19th, 20th and into the 21st century American, French and English art and furnishings opportunities that are functional, one-of-a-kind, beautiful and/or artful. All objects we offer will help personalize and enhance any home or work environment. The trustworthy and exciting shopping experience presented at Quintessential Things is built upon my expertise and appreciation of fine artistry, craftsmanship and traditions. I absolutely believe that high quality, historic or artistic articles of merit culled from previous eras and civilizations have long intrigued mankind’s most perceptive people – and never go out of style.